Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize Lecture, "Beliefs and Misbeliefs", Toulouse School of Economics, December 2021.

College de France Lectures on "The Economics of Social Beliefs and Social Norms”, Paris, November-December 2017.
General Introduction (in French)
Lecture 1. Individual Beliefs: Rationality, Subjectivity and Psychological Motivations: Slides - Video
Lecture 2. Collective Beliefs: Organizations, Financial Markets and Political Ideologies: Slides - Video
Lecture 3. Laws and Norms: Incentives, Morality and Social Sanctions: Slides - Video
Lecture 4. Political Economy: Science, Religion and Innovation - Video
Part 1: Political Ideologies
Part 2: Religion

Inaugural Tony Atkinson Lecture: “London School of Economics, London", October 2014.

Jean-Jacques Laffont Lecture: "The Economics of Motivated Beliefs", Annual Meeting of the French Economic Association, Lyon, June 2014.

The 7th Toulouse Lectures in Economics: “Revisiting Incentives: Values, Laws and Norms”, Toulouse, France, December 14-16, 2009.
Lecture 1: "Extrinsic, Intrinsic and Attributional Motivation."
Lecture 2: "Laws, Norms and Information."
Lecture 3: "Social Values and Social Responsibility."

The 2007 Joseph Schumpeter Lecture: “Groupthink and Ideology”, Budapest, Hungary, August 29, 2007.
The Joseph Schumpeter Lecture: GroupThink and Ideology". August 29, Budapest, Hungary.